White House Academy sets high standards. All students must achieve minimum academic and behavior standards. Those who demonstrate high academic and behavior standards will be awarded through the Honor Scholar Program.

The Honor Scholars Program is an award and incentive program for academics and behavior. It is for all full-time students, 3rd through 8th grades. Each category is recognized separately: Honor Roll for excellent behavior and Scholar Roll for excellent academic achievement. A student may achieve one Roll and not the other, or they may achieve both. Rolls are made up for each of the 9 phases of the school year. (Please see: Phase Schedule, below.) A student may achieve a Roll one phase but not another. Encourage your student whether they make the Honor Scholar Rolls every phase, or just some of them, we just keep trying to do our best every day!

Honor Roll is a status award based on behavior. To achieve Honor Roll a student may lose up to only one green card on their Learning Plan each week of the phase. Also, a student must not have any "disrespect" infractions for the phase or be referred to the Principal for misbehavior, even once that phase, to achieve the Honor Roll. To achieve High Honor Roll, students must keep all green cards (excepting absences) for the entire phase. (Please see: Minimum Standards, below for details on earning and losing green cards.)

Scholar Roll is a status award based on academic achievement. To achieve Scholar Roll a student must achieve 90% - 94% average on all tests, evaluations, and presentations for that phase. To achieve High Scholar students must achieve a minimum of 95% for that phase.

Honor Scholar Roll is awarded to students who earn both Honor and Scholar status for that phase. The highest award a student can earn is the High Honor Scholar. 

Rolls are made each phase and posted in the foyer, as well as on the website. Students are awarded at the first school devotional of each phase. Parents may be present for the brief presentation right at the beginning of the devotional. All Rolls for the year will be featured in the yearbook. 

The Honor Scholar Program promotes further personal development beyond the basic expectations of all White House Academy students. It is an opportunity for increased challenge and growth academically and behaviorally. Ultimately, it is far more than a temporary achievement. As students begin to realize their God-given gifts and their abilities and potential for doing good and contributing to the society around them, not only will these students excel in their lives, but they will have developed godly qualities that are eternal.

Minimum Standards:

White House Academy is a private school dedicated to creating a unique learning environment for its students. This is accomplished by setting and maintaining high standards. All students must achieve minimum academic and behavior standards.

Minimum Behavior Standards:

Green cards are given to students who maintain all behavior standards throughout the day. These include:

Punctual - students must not be tardy in the morning or to any of the classes throughout the day.  If a student is absent for part of a school day and then returns, he will not be marked tardy. However, he will be marked absent in the classes that he misses. Students using the restroom between classes are excused and will not be marked tardy when they return.

Prepared - students must have homework and any class assignments completed and turned in on time. They must also be wearing the uniform properly each day. Students are expected to ask questions if they do not know what is expected. Parents are always welcome to, as well. Students must have their original Learning Plan for the week, signed by a parent each day. If a parent misses a signature on the Learning Plan, the teacher will circle the place of the missing signature, alerting the parent that it still needs to be signed. Parents should look over that days' record and sign, even though the signature is late. Students can still earn Honor Roll status with late signatures, as long as they are all complete on the original Learning Plan by the time it is turned in each Monday. High Honor Roll, on the other hand, requires daily parent signatures, on time.

Respectful - respect to teachers and classmates is required, including keeping hands, feet, and objects to self, no arguing or impolite speech or action, obedience to all teachers, following directions immediately, and respecting property.

Not Disruptive - raise their hands before speaking, work during all work times and follow C.H.A.M.P.s.

Any infractions will result in a "card pull", moving the student's behavior status down from green to yellow. Additional infractions move card status down to blue, then red, then black. Students start each new day at green, the top status. Referral to the principal's office may occur at various statuses, depending on the infraction, including multiple violations of the same rule, and will disqualify a student from Honor Roll status for that phase. Infractions will always be noted on the Learning Plan. Referrals to the Principal's office will be reported to parents directly, via phone call. Repetitive infractions may lead to suspension and possibly expulsion.

White House Academy will maintain minimum behavior standards by each student in order to maintain the proper learning environment for all students.

Minimum Academic Standards (MAS):   

Students must demonstrate minimum effort and accomplishment by achieving at least 85% correct on the following items: Weekly Evaluations, Weekly Writing Assignments, Tests, and Oral Presentations.  Students not meeting this standard will review and re-do until they reach 85%.  Each re-do, however, removes 5% of the total grade for that item. For example, a student earning 80% on an item, and then re-taking a test one time and earning 100%, will receive 95%, as it is a re-take, and not an original score. If the original score is higher than a series of re-takes allows, the student will keep the original score after meeting MAS.  For example,  a student that earns 75% on an item, and then requires 3 re-takes to achieve 85% will receive 75% as a final score on that item, even though each of the 3 re-takes removed 5% of the score, lowering it to 70%  Because the original score is higher, he will keep that higher score. 

 2 Week Rule: At the time of a regularly scheduled Weekly Evaluation, Test, or Weekly Writing Assignment,  if a student still has 2 previous MAS items that are not completed at minimum academic standard, the student will be referred to administration and placed on Academic Probation.  This will be noted on the Learning Plan.  Administration will contact parents and determine a specified amount of time for the student to catch-up,  which may include moving down a level, lunch or recess detention to work, staying after school, etc.  Repeat offenses will incur increased consequences, including and up-to suspension and expulsion. The 2 Week Rule may be excepted according to the Absence Rule.

Grades are indications of what a student is learning and the effort they put into learning it.  MAS must be reached to achieve minimum learning.  ALL students are capable of achieving this, even though it may require more effort from some than others.  Please note that MAS does not apply to regular assignments, such as daily math and grammar assignments.  These are completed and corrected to 100%. 

 As a student is required to put forth this minimum amount of effort and accomplishment, he will be learning far more than the apparent academic material.  He will learn self-government, persistence, and hard-work.  He will gain self-esteem, motivation, and increased abilities to achieve. These Godly qualities will improve the future lives of all who attain them. Each student will become more aware of his God-given gifts and the ensuing responsibility to serve others with these gifts.  At White House Academy, we believe that students are not only working for current success and future life success, but also developing eternal qualities, as they are taught through eternal principles.  Each soul is precious and capable of much more than they know.  With these high expectations, students will begin to realize their great potential.