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Why do you have Uniforms?

Your clothing and appearance are an expression of your personality, but they also reflect your inner self and influence the way you and others act.

- For the Strength of Youth

We believe that properly wearing the uniform displays unity, modesty, neatness, and dignity. It demonstrates respect for self, education, teachers and fellow students. Wearing the uniform helps us focus on learning and service, rather than on clothing and accessories and reminds students of their commitment to live by the White House Academy Honor Code.


Uniform Policy


  • White or red polo-style shirt (long or short sleeve)

  • Navy pants (long Docker's or chino-style); NOT jeans, denim, sweat pants, or cargo pants

  • Black, navy, or white solid colored socks

  • Optional (skirts and sweaters are optional items, but if worn must meet these guidelines):

    • Navy blue skirt for girls; must be below the knee; girls must wear snug-fitting black or navy shorts under skirts  OR black or navy leggings/tights which cover the ankle

    • Navy blue sweater, button down or zipper front (no hoods)


  • Clothing should fit appropriately (not too tight or too loose).

  • Clothing should be clean, free from holes and fading.

  • Pants and skirt waists should be worn at or above the top of the hipbone.

  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times.

  • Sleeves may not be rolled up.

  • Undershirts and camisoles must be plain white and should not extend beyond the cuff or neck line of the shirt.

  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times.

  • Hats may not be worn during school hours (with the exception of a winter hat that may be worn outside for warmth).

  • Body marking is not allowed, including tattoos, washable tattoos, or marking on skin with markers or ink. No body piercing is allowed, except for a single piercing in each ear for girls.

  • Hairstyles should be neat and clean, conservative in style, avoiding unnatural colors. Boy’s hair should be off the color and of relatively uniform length.

  • Jewelry should be conservative and not draw undo attention to the student, or interfere with class participation, including P.E. Necklaces and watches should be removed for P.E. Boys may wear watches and CTR rings only. Girls' earrings must be a small, single matching pair. Girls may wear a single necklace. Rings are limited to one per hand. All questions of jewelry, makeup and hairstyle should be directed to, and are at the discretion of, the principal.

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