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What curriculum do you use?

"The purpose of education is to increase our ability to think and understand,
to understand the past and be prepared for the future."


- Elder Dallin H. Oaks, "Focus and Priorities," Ensign, May 2001.

Planting Seeds

Is your child seeking new challenges or feeling unsure about their abilities? At White House Academy, we believe in the potential of every child and their capacity for success beyond common expectations. With a commitment to high standards and hard work, we provide the necessary tools for our students' success, fostering genuine self-esteem through their achievements.

Our curriculum and teaching methods prioritize effectiveness over passing trends in education. We adhere to classical methods that have stood the test of time across generations and are still employed in leading educational institutions today. In technical subjects like math and language, we utilize straightforward and systematic programs such as Direct Instruction, Saxon math, Reading Mastery, and Spalding phonics, ensuring clear expectations and mastery-based learning.

In the liberal arts, we emphasize presenting historical facts from primary source documents to encourage meaningful discussion and exploration. Students are not only encouraged to express their insights but also guided to examine learning through the lens of gospel principles rather than relativism and opinion. We carefully select books that align with our values and emphasize the distinction between right and wrong, while respecting individuals' freedom to choose.

Our program includes leadership and government education, where patriotism is instilled as a natural expression of a deep understanding of liberty and its significance. Through programs like the Covey 'Leader in Me' and Promises of the Constitution, students learn the value of freedom, principles of good leadership, and the responsibility of preserving freedoms for future generations.

We prioritize methods that develop strong minds and character based on true principles, teaching students that self-government and overcoming challenges lead to genuine self-esteem and happiness. Our dedication to education goes beyond entertainment, focusing on educating both the heart and mind to prepare students for success in adulthood.

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