Current Families

White House Academy takes very seriously its responsibility to promote the spiritual and academic development of its students; however, it also recognizes that parents are primarily and ultimately responsible for their children. We know that you expect and appreciate regular communication regarding your children. Here you can find many details of how our school works.

Parent Volunteer Organization

The Parent Volunteer Organization is a way for you, as parents, to be involved with your child's school, as well as offer service. There are several activities, celebrations, and classroom opportunities, as well as service that can be done from home. Let us know how you would like to volunteer. 


We believe that properly wearing the uniform displays unity, modesty, neatness, and dignity. It demonstrates respect for self, education, teachers and fellow students. Wearing the uniform helps us focus on learning and service, rather than on clothing and accessories and reminds students of their commitment to live by the White House Academy Honor Code.

Day-to-Day Things

Click here to learn the details of the everyday things that White House Academy parents need to know. Here you can find information about our

  • daily schedule
  • student drop-off and pick-up
  • lunch
  • docket
  • learning plan
  • calendar of events
  • Honor-Scholar Roll