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Student Drop-off

Students should not be dropped off before 8:15. When dropping your students off in the morning, please come to the "U"-shaped parking lot near the front doors (south side of building). Vehicles need to drive through the lot on the right hand side so that if anyone needs to pull out they can do so on the left. Students will proceed to the assembly room and wait for classes to begin.

This is our Calendar of Events.

The Daily Schedule can be seen here.

Student Pick-up

Students in grades 1-8 must be picked up before 3:15 pm. Grades 1-8 will be released at 3:00. All students will be picked up at the back door (west side of building). Enter and exit the lot according to the diagram below.

Pre-K and Kindergarten pick up for morning and afternoon sessions will be at the front doors. Parents will come to the "U"-shaped parking lot near the front doors (south side of building). Mrs. Batty or Mrs. Brough will meet you there with your children. Vehicles need to drive through the lot on the right hand side so that if anyone needs to pull out they can do so on the left. Having students enter the right side of vehicles would keep them safer so that they don't have to pass between cars.


Learning Plans

The learning plan is a record of what students are studying each week in their different classes. Students (or teachers of younger students) will record information about what was taught, as well as classwork expectations for the student, and teachers will record student behavior. If an assignment is completed in class the teacher makes a check mark next to it. If an assignment needs to be finished at home the teacher circles it. The learning plan can also be used to communicate brief messages between teacher and parent. Parents need to review and sign their student’s learning plan each day, returning it with the student to school. 

Honor Scholar Roll

White House Academy sets high standards. All students must achieve minimum academic and behavior standards. Those who demonstrate high academic and behavior standards will be awarded through the Honor Scholar Program.

The Honor Scholars Program is for all full-time students, 3rd through 8th grades. Honor Roll for excellent behavior and Scholar Roll for excellent academic achievement. Rolls are made up for each of the 9 phases of the school year. Encourage your student whether they make the Honor Scholar Rolls every phase, or just some of them, we just keep trying to do our best every day!

Honor Roll is a status award based on behavior. To achieve Honor Roll a student may lose up to only one green card on their Learning Plan each week of the phase. Also, a student must not have any "disrespect" infractions for the phase or be referred to the Principal for misbehavior, even once that phase, to achieve the Honor Roll. To achieve High Honor Roll, students must keep all green cards for the entire phase. 

Scholar Roll is a status award based on academic achievement. To achieve Scholar Roll a student must achieve 90% - 94% average on all tests, evaluations, and presentations for that phase. To achieve High Scholar students must achieve a minimum of 95% for that phase.

Honor Scholar Roll is awarded to students who earn both Honor and Scholar status for that phase. The highest award a student can earn is the High Honor Scholar. 

The Honor Scholar Program promotes further personal development beyond the basic expectations of all White House Academy students. It is an opportunity for increased challenge and growth academically and behaviorally. Ultimately, it is far more than a temporary achievement. As students begin to realize their God-given gifts and their abilities and potential for doing good and contributing to the society around them, not only will these students excel in their lives, but they will have developed godly qualities that are eternal.


Students in grades K-8 are issued a docket with colored folders. Each color represents a different class. School work that is ready to be kept at home will be placed in the gray folder. All other work will go in the appropriately colored folder for later use. The docket is a way for students to learn organizational skills and encourages children to keep everything in its place. If the docket is lost or becomes worn, a replacement docket can be purchased at the office for $10.