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Quality Academics

Is your child a genius with nothing to challenge him? Or does your child think he’s not intelligent and rarely succeeding? At White House Academy we believe that every child can succeed, and are capable of so much more than is commonly thought. If students are willing to keep high standards and are ready to work, we have the tools for their success! Real self-esteem is earned through accomplishment, and that is exactly what our students achieve. 

We offer the very best in curriculum and methods. Instead of following fads in education, our core subjects are taught with only the ‘tried and true,’ across the nation and over generations, and are successfully used today in the best educational institutions. We teach with the classical methods. 

In technical subjects, such as math and language, our system is straight-forward and systematic.  Programs such as Direct Instruction, Saxon math, Reading Mastery, and Spalding phonics are proven in their fields. Instead of methods that make students wonder what will be on the tests, in order to make curriculum seem challenging, these expectations are clear, and then taught to mastery.  In the liberal arts, historical facts are presented from primary source documents as a foundation for real discussion and discovery.  A student’s insight isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged!  All learning is held up to the light of the principles of the restored gospel, rather than relativism and opinion. We only espouse books that retain the values and truths we esteem.  We teach that there is right and there is wrong, and we respect that everyone is allowed to choose for themselves. 

Leadership & Government is an integral part of our program. Patriotism is taught not as a ritual, but as the natural outpouring of a deep understanding of liberty and its price. Our students learn the value of freedom, the principles upon which it is based, and how to evaluate those things that are going on in our society today. Along with the Covey 'Leader in Me' program and Promises of the Constitution, students are taught that good leaders are those who have developed true character. Our students are being prepared with the knowledge and skills to be responsible citizens who will preserve our freedoms in the next generation!

We only use methods that build strong minds and real character and are based on true principles.  Students learn that self-government and overcoming challenges is what leads to self-esteem and real happiness.  What we learn and how we learn as children will grow into what be become as adults.  We take this work seriously.  Rather than entertaining, we seek to educate— both the heart and the mind.