What to buy

  • White or red polo-style shirt (long or short sleeve)

  • Navy pants (long docker's or chino-style); NOT jeans, denim,  sweat pants, or cargo pants

  • Black or navy solid colored socks

  • Optional (skirts and sweaters are optional items, but if worn must meet these guidelines):

    • Navy blue skirt for girls; must be below the knee; girls must wear snug-fitting black or navy shorts daily under skirts  OR black or navy leggings/tights which cover the ankle

    • Navy blue sweater or button down sweater (no hoods)


How it should be worn

  • Clothing should fit appropriately (not too tight or too loose).
  • Clothing should be clean, free from holes, and fading.
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Sleeves may not be rolled up.
  • Undershirts and camisoles must be plain white and should not extend beyond the cuff or neck line of the shirt.
  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times.
  • Hats may not  be worn during school hours.
  • Body marking is not allowed, including tattoos, washable tattoos, or marking on skin with markers nor ink. No body piercing is allowed, except for a single piercing in each ear for girls.
  • Hairstyles should be neat and clean, avoiding unnatural colors.
  • Jewelry should be small, conservative and non-distracting. Boys may wear watches and CTR rings only. Girls' earrings must be a matching pair. Girls may wear a single necklace. Rings are limited to one per hand.