What about homeschooling?

As a veteran homeschooler of over 20 years, Mrs. White applauds the efforts of such a great undertaking! But even in the best homeschool, you are still dividing your time, as well being limited in opportunities for the children. At White House Academy, our teachers are dedicated, hour after hour, with their full and loving attention, to the careful education of your child, providing opportunities for them to learn with other children. Michelle Stone, a modern leader in the homeschooling movement, said that in the ideal society there would be a school based on the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where she could send her children. Here we are!

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Looking at the church as a model of idealism, schooling has always been a part of the program. From the school houses in Nauvoo to the ward schools organized under the leadership of Brigham Young, children were expected to attend their religious based schools. It has always been in the program of the church. Even during the rise of public education, the prophet John Taylor cautioned,

“Whatever you do, be choice in your selection of teachers. We do not want infidels to mold the minds of our teachers. We need to pay more attention to education matters, and do all we can to procure the services of competent teachers. Some people say, we cannot afford to pay them. You cannot afford not to employ them.”

As the rise of public schools continued, the church continued to act. Religious secondary schools were called for by church president Wilford Woodruff following a federal takeover of Utah Territorial public schools. Nearly all stakes founded academies during 1888–91, with dozens of secondary schools created. And finally, in this century, President Jeffery Holland of BYU regretted that the church could not be fully involved in the education of its people,for the limit of funds makes it an impossibility.

But what is impossible for the church right now is something we have achieved as individuals! This is the school you have been looking for!

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