What about technology?

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We do believe that technology is very useful and has its place, however. Older students use computers to type writing assignments and use reading apps on our tablets to access excellent literature that is out of print. We also include typing as part of the skills classes for older students.


Some argue that children need computer time to learn the digital skills that are needed to compete in the modern world. But executives at Silicon Valley companies say that they make learning technology as easy as possible. These same executives purposefully choose private schools for their children that don't use technology and they carefully limit its use at home*. There is not a rush to learn technology that is ever-changing and developing. But there is a brief window of developmental opportunity to teach math, reading, writing and thinking fundamentals. White House Academy uses school time to for those purposes. Teaching is a very human experience and we are glad that we do not have devices distracting us from our purpose.


Students at White House Academy don't use computers as a part of their learning experience. We, like many other schools, believe that technology can wait (source). Many studies have shown that the use of computers by young students lowers their attention spans and abilities to think creatively. It also decreases physical movement each day and lowers the time available to interact with other people.


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