Patricia Green, parent

“The White House Academy has been a wonderful blessing for our family. Our children have grown both academically and spiritually; they have a love for learning truth. We have been so happy with the White House Academy and can’t imagine having our children any place else!”

Sadie Gardner, 8th grade student

“I’m 14 years old. My teacher is Mr. Flake. Some things I like about White House Academy are how everyone can progress at their own pace. It’s more of a one-on-one learning experience. The teachers and staff there treat you more as a person instead of a number.”

Rosie White, 8th grade student


Kathy Hill, parent


Bowen Brady, 7th grade student


Rachel Steadman, 6th grade student

“I love White House Academy because it tells me what I should be. I love being treated with respect. I love knowing I’m being checked. I love that teachers are so nice. They teach me how to be polite. So if you want a good education, you ought to come to this location.”

“I am the mother of 4 kids. I recognize that I am not the only influence in my children’s life. In White House Academy I have found a partner who embraces the same values and principles that I believe are fundamental to a successful family. And those principles are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. More than once, when I’ve been reading with my family my son has said, ‘Mom, that’s a Latin word, and it means fire!’ On another day we were driving home and he taught me all about the history of the Statue of Liberty. Once, when we were doing a scouting requirement he said, ‘You know what I like about my school mom? God is in everything.’ When I hear things like that I know that our investment is in his education is worth it.”


Reasons why I love White House Academy: 1. We learn Spanish, 2. We have morning prayer, 3. We can read the Book of Mormon, 4. We have History, 5. Our teachers teach the truth.

"The teachers are very nice and it's the best of all the schools around!"


Deidre Durrant, parent

“Our family is thankful for White House Academy because it provides a wholesome and enriching environment for our son. We appreciate the opportunity that he has to study the Constitution and the emphasis of patriotism in our school. We are especially grateful for the blessing that he has to associate with such quality people as he learns (teachers, students, and administrators). White House Academy has truly been an answer to our prayers!”